Take your lounging experience to the next level with our brand-new line of spine-sizzling‚ Cartlon recliners. Crafted with high-grade linen fabric in a choice of modern swatches and boho-chic patterns, our‚ Cartlon recliner combines the latest American reclining mechanisms with ultra-soft fiber filling for next-level comfort in upright, lounging and reclining positions.‚ ‚ 

Sporting a solid metal-hardwood hybrid frame and sinuous spring suspension, the‚ Cartlon‚ recliner is built to last as long as the memories it is built to hold. Complete with an expertly molded footrest, supportive neck cushioning and weight-responsive angular positioning for lower back stress relief; the‚ Cartlon recliner is an excellent choice for a laid-back movie marathon or an intense gaming session. Just kick back, relax and let the‚ Cartlon‚ mother gently rock your stress away.

Product Details:

Ergonomic Design: Padded neck cushioning and weight-responsive angular positioning provide full-body support while remaining firmly on-ground while the section-padded footrest folds out into the perfect fit to relax your joints.

Three Relaxing Positions: Designed to provide full lumbar support in upright, lounging and reclining positions.

American Rocking Mechanism: The patented American metal reclining no-jam mechanism is easy-to-use and highly durable.

Durable Suspension: The sinuous spring suspension sustains heavyweight capacities without wear.

Premium Material: Featuring premium linen fabrics come in a variety of modern patterns and swatches and high-grade, super-soft fiber filling is the perfect match of support and comfort.

Product Care:

To clean your Carlton recliner, simply mix a few drops of a mild fabric detergent with water and wipe with a damp washcloth.

Product Warranty:

Factory maintenance and imported spare parts are covered under a three-year warranty.

Product Specifications:‚ 

‚ Upholstery Material 100% linen fabric
Back Material:

100% linen fabric, metal-hardwood hybrid frame and high-grade fiber filling

Arm Material:

100% linen fabric, metal-hardwood hybrid frame and high-grade fiber filling

Filling Material:

High-grade Korean fiber filling

Frame Material:

Metal-hardwood hybrid frame

Leg Material:



81 x‚ 100 x‚ 100 cm

Weight: 40 - 45 KG

Additional Information

Grey, Red, Blue, Beige, Dame hazel, Green of york

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